Kisik Clean Energy is focused on Indigenous renewable energy projects for our clients. We work with energy industry leaders and Indigenous communities in the areas of hydro, solar, wind, biomass, community energy planning, geothermal, microgrid and transmission development.

This starts with community engagement and leadership direction after a comprehensive assessment of the needs for alternate forms of clean energy. Darrell and his team are trained and experienced in the execution of integrated renewable energy for remote Indigenous communities.

"It's about protecting the land and caring for the health of the people that live on the land."

Darrell Brown's business ambitions have always been centered around serving Indigenous communities. Darrell is a Cree entrepreneur based in Treaty 1 territory in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is the founder of Kisik Commercial Furniture and Kisik Clean Energy; Kisik is Cree for sky.

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"The needs and interests of our clients are met through a collaborative approach with communities, leadership and industry. Federal and Provincial/Territory Governments and utilities are managed relationships while regular community engagement flows throughout the project."

We believe community acceptance is the most important element of a successfully implemented energy project. Kisik Clean Energy has an extensive network of renewable energy industry partners, technical advisors and all resources offered through the Indigenous Clean Energy Network. We bring the processes and approach required to successfully implement your renewable energy project.

20/20 Catalysts Program and Indigenous Clean Energy

Darrell is a graduate of the 20/20 Catalysts Program that supports Indigenous people embarking on clean energy projects and Indigenous Clean Energy. The 20/20 Catalyst Program is a Canadian not-for-profit training platform which advances Indigenous inclusion in Canada's energy futures economy.

ICE Network

Kisik Clean Energy principle Darrell Brown is the Past Chair of the Indigenous Clean Energy Social Enterprise Board of Directors.

As individuals join the Indigenous Clean Energy (ICE) Social Enterprise, Advisory Council and Board they are asked to attest and commit to the following Statement of Values and Commitment.

"I support the purpose of the Indigenous Clean Energy (ICE) Social Enterprise to build clean energy capacity among Indigenous communities and people across Canada, and advance

Indigenous leadership, participation and ownership of renewable energy, energy efficiency, advanced energy and green energy infrastructure projects and initiatives."

"I support the view that 'energy democracy' is an unprecedented opportunity for Indigenous communities and peoples. Energy democracy upholds inclusive prosperity in the process of energy transition. It is a major opportunity for Indigenous economic development and social cohesion that addresses key issues including energy affordability and accessibility, environmental responsibility, and climate action."

Collaborative Approach to Clean Energy

Kisik Clean Energy continues to forge strong relationships with clean energy experts and forward thinking communities.

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