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At the heart of Kisik Clean Energy's mission is community engagement and leadership direction. They understand that the path to implementing alternative forms of clean energy begins with a comprehensive assessment of community needs. By involving the community from the outset, they ensure that their solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of remote Indigenous communities.

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Sayisi Dene First Nation Renewable Energy Integration Study

Very excited to announce Geotechnical investigation and topographic survey for the study of renewable energy integration for off-grid community, Sayisi Dene First Nation in Northern Manitoba is now complete. The business plan for the integration of a microgrid, battery storage and scaled solar array into their diesel generation system is proceeding.

Kisik Clean Energy was awarded a renewable energy contract by Broadband Communications North, a indigenous community owned broadband provider with 14 years of experience in our marketplace.

The scope of work involves installation and configuration of fixed solar panels, battery storage and regulators to power up remote VHF towers in 5 fly in only locations in Northern Manitoba. These seasonal operated towers are part of the early fire warning communication system for Manitoba. Completion is expected in late 2020.

Broadband Communications North

We have worked with Aki Energy and Lumos Energy as a clean energy advisor for off-grid First Nations still relying on diesel generated power for energy in Manitoba and North Western Ontario.

Project experience includes working with clean energy industry leaders, First Nations Chief's and Council and band membership to protect the interests of clients while achieving goals and objectives for each project.

Those goals include reduction of reliance on diesel generated power, asset ownership for First Nations, and revenue streams.

Objectives include employment and training for indigenous people and energy sovereignty.

Feature Project

The Gull Bay First Nation Micro Grid Project will be Canada's FIRST fully-integrated remote renewable energy-storage micro grid! The Micro Grid project is showcasing innovative technology and integration with its combination of solar photovoltaic power, battery energy storage, and a micro grid controller connecting to the existing Hydro One Remotes diesel generating station to provide clean solar power and off-set diesel use.

Switching from diesel to solar power in a seemingly smooth transition with the integration of lithium-ion battery energy storage micro grid technology. When the sun is shining, the community will be powered by Sun and the diesel generators will switch off reducing approximately 110,000 litres or 25% if diesel fuel a year.

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