Indigenous focused energy projects

Green energy infrastructure opportunities are emerging for Indigenous communities including participation in transmission lines, smart grids and diesel reduction infrastructure in off-grid communities, solar, wind, hydro, biomass and geothermal projects.

Demand-side energy management

Demand side management-energy efficiency and conservation-reduce the consumption of energy-best return on investment-easier to save a kilowatt than to create a kilowatt.

Energy efficiency

The largest single - and largely untapped - rate of return (ROR) projects focus on energy efficiency and conservation, including initiatives targeting community housing, facilities and conservation, business ventures related to energy services and technology/product production/marketing.

Community clean energy planning

Comprehensive community energy planning - enhance community energy security-updating or creating community energy plans.

Community engagement, stakeholder engagement with industry leaders, all levels of government and utilities. Land designation and environmental process, project reporting, accountability, economic development and business planning, employment creation and skills enhancement, project financing and equity capital and smart reinvestment and community legacy priorities.

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